Stop Hating Vegans

Several months ago, someone spray-painted “vegans” at the bottom of the stop sign in my neighborhood. It made me chuckle a little. And then roll my eyes. Every time I see it, it reminds me — and maybe others who drive by the Stop Vegans sign — that people are super judgmental.

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that I have fairly recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, and I’ve been trying to heal the damage in my small intestine using food. I’ve been working with a dietician, and over the last several weeks, we have taken out one food after another, trying to come to a point where what I am eating does not aggravate my innards.

Last week, as my dietician and I came to the conclusion that I should also cut out meat in addition to gluten, dairy, eggs and other foods, I realized that essentially, I need to go vegan. Really, it’s more like something I might call Vegan Plus — a gluten-free vegan who also eschews corn, onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and now not even quinoa or a handful of other normally totally fine fruits and vegetables.

It’s a difficult place to be — in a world where everywhere you turn, there’s a commercial for Chili’s or Papa John’s, or smells of homemade chicken soup at the Harmon’s deli. You really can’t escape it. Delicious-looking and -smelling food is everywhere. And it almost always includes at least one of the items on my “do not eat” list.

I’ve never had anything against vegans. As long as I could still enjoy my bacon and eggs every once in a while, I was fine with them enjoying their vegan bacon (a.k.a. fakon) and tofu “egg” scramble. While I’ve been open to trying a vegan dish here and there (my extended family even had a vegan Easter last year — just for fun), I’ve never really been that interested in pursuing vegan recipes with any sort of gusto. You eat your thing. I’ll eat mine.

But now that I’ve been trying to find recipes that will fit within the parameters of my healing diet, I am not just indifferently aware of vegans, I am SUPER GRATEFUL FOR VEGANS!

Thank you vegans, for posting your recipes for broccoli soup. (I just omitted the onion, and added more salt, and it was still pretty tasty.)

Thank you vegans, for giving me a list of dairy-free ice creams I can make for my lactose-intolerant soon-to-be 2-year-old’s birthday party. (And then I can have a little too!)

Thank you vegans, for vegan cream cheese. (I’m super excited about this recipe and this website.)

Also, thank you cabbage. I had no idea I even liked you. 🙂

Anyway, last week, after a particularly productive day on Pinterest printing out basically a whole new binder full of new recipes to try, I decided I had had enough of the Stop Vegans sign in my neighborhood. In an act of extremely mild civil disobedience, I taped a friendly edit to Stop Vegans sign:

New Camera 2014 046It’s just paper, and it fell apart in about a day, but hey. It was an attempt to diffuse a little of the hatred and judgements that exist in this world. And to give a little shout-out to my vegan peeps who have helped to feed me in the last several weeks.

So to whoever (or whomever, I never know) vandalized this sign in the first place, stop hating vegans. Stop hating anyone. There is something good for everyone to contribute to this world, including you.

Peace out. Hippie love. Namaste. 🙂


— The Conscious Mom


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1 Response to Stop Hating Vegans

  1. Jessica Payne says:

    Glad you’re finding good vegan things to eat! They really can be delicious :-).

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