To Pizza, With Love

Dear Pizza,

It’s been several weeks since you’ve been at my house. I know we decided that it was not good for us to be together anymore — at least for a very long time while I take time to heal.

Pizza on metal dish and vegetableI was hoping that the time was coming soon that I could at least have some version of you back in my kitchen — a gluten-free crust? A non-dairy cheese? But I have some news for you.

I have realized recently that there are other things about you that are just not good for me. Your onion and garlic, too, are wreaking havoc on me on the inside. I’m sorry to say it, but pizza without bread or cheese OR onion or garlic is just not pizza.

It’s better for me anyway to just drop all the foods I like and just become a raw vegan. I’ll be better off. And you’ll find someone new, I’m sure. Someone who you can share Friday nights with and celebrate with at parties. Someone who can truly relish your chewy crust and perfectly spiced sauce.

It’s looking like we may not ever be back together. And it’s cool. Whatever. I don’t need you. And I ain’t missing you at all.


The (Hungry) Conscious Mom

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