Congratulations from Buddy the Elf!

Well, I did it. Every single day for a month. EVEN THOUGH during this month I hosted an artist open house, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and our car was stolen. It just proves (to myself anyway) that if you really want to do something, you can just do it, and anything you let get in the way is just an excuse, not a real reason to have not done whatever it was.

So I will end this 30 Posts in 30 Days Challenge the way it started. With Buddy the Elf.

(Buddy also says, “Congratulations! You did it!” to all the other NaBloPoMo bloggers out there who completed the challenge as well. Good job, you guys. It was fun to get to know more of you in blog-land.)

Thanks for making the 30-day journey with me everyone! It’s certainly been real. From now on, I promise to write less often than every day (so you can know that when I post something it will be much more likely to be worth your time to read), but more often than once a month (which was my previous, pitiful track record).

Until next time…

— The Conscious Mom

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2 Responses to Congratulations from Buddy the Elf!

  1. Melanie says:

    I really have enjoyed reading the daily posts. They’re not too long, so it’s been feasible, plus it really has given that whole “journey” part of your blog a new and exciting in-the-trenches face.

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