Hierarchy of Needs

I’d like to write more about this subject, but since it’s been a day of doctor visits and alternately icing and heating my back and neck muscles so I could move around (after my almost gluten-free Thanksgiving food), I will write less.

This morning, after waking up even more stiff than yesterday, my husband and I were discussing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and we determined that we need to go back to the beginning.

The basic idea is that physiological needs come first (food, air, sleep, etc.) and then all the other needs come after those basic needs are met.


While I would love to stay up in the upper portions of this pyramid, this Celiac thing has really thrown me for a loop, and I have got to throw all of that out the window (or at least put it on the back burner) while I get a handle on what the new version of meeting my physiological needs looks like.

I spent two hours talking with my new nutritionist/Registered Dietician today about how to use food to heal my body, and I’m looking forward to implementing the changes we discussed. … Actually, that’s not true. I’m looking forward to feeling fantastic because of the changes I will be implementing. The actual implementation seems like it’s going to be hard. Or at least challenging.

Anywho…here’s to anti-inflammatory foods, probiotics and one giant food prep day every week! 🙂

— The Conscious Mom

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