Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

I am stuffed. In a good way. My family (and especially my mom) is so awesome and went the extra mile to make almost all of the Thanksgiving food we had today gluten-free and dairy-free so I could enjoy stuffing my face with everyone.

gluten free turkey

It was delicious! AND I didn’t feel sick afterwards. Here is a list of the yumminess we all got to enjoy today:

  • Good old-fashioned roasted turkey (without the spice packet or gravy packet),
  • delicious homemade turkey gravy thickened with brown rice flour,
  • cilantro orange cranberry sauce,
  • raw veggie tray,
  • gluten-free banana bread and banana muffins,
  • gluten-free bacon cornbread stuffing,
  • mashed potatoes made with coconut milk,
  • candied yams and baked sweet potatoes with walnut topping,
  • amazing roasted broccoli,
  • and giant coconut flakes (to snack on while we prepped food).

Thanks awesome family for making yummy yummy things for all of us to eat!

— The Conscious Mom

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