Another Saturday Night

I’m getting kind of tired of being “conscious” every single day.  Mindfulness and inspiration become trite when you write about them every day.  I want the things I write to be worthy of your time, but I just don’t think I have something of that magnitude to say to you that often.

I’m sure you have better things to do with your Saturday night than read something that leaves you feeling resentful of the five minutes you spent reading that you will never get back.

If you’re like me, you have a life to live outside the blogosphere. You have crayons to pick up for the 170th time this week. You have Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations to make. You have sibling rivalry to attend to. You have seven different stores to shop at for your newly required gluten-free diet.

Oh my gosh. Is this what I have done with my Saturday? That’s kind of a bummer. I hope you’re doing something fun with your Saturday.

Not everything about today has been a bummer though. The kids and I were listening to some music in the car today, and it was a total riot! My 4-year-old boy’s Elvis impersonation sounded a lot more like Tom Waits, which was funny enough, but then I switched the CD to Waits, and after listening to (and singing along with) his gravelly growl in Heart Attack and Vine for several minutes, my 7-year-old daughter said she knew why his last name is Waits… because he sounds like he’s lifting really heavy weights when he sings!


That made me laugh pretty hard.

Anywho… I have nothing insightful to say about any of this. I hope it wasn’t a huge waste of your time, or that at the very least that you are a fast reader and you are only upset about two minutes of your life wasted. 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday night!

— The Conscious Mom

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2 Responses to Another Saturday Night

  1. Melanie says:

    I am kind of a slow reader and I still liked it. 🙂

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