Journey of The Pizza Delivery Guy

Have you seen this guy? Kyle Thompson is a former pizza delivery guy turned photographer, and his work is amazing. This one is my favorite I’ve seen so far.

Kyle Thompson photo

The thing I love about his story is that he wanted to be a photographer, but he had some social anxiety, so he thought he couldn’t do it at first. But he just started taking self-portraits instead, and after he posted some of his work to Reddit and got over 4 MILLION views, he decided to quit his pizza delivery job and be a photographer full time.

I love what Kyle’s story and this photo in particular says about what we can do when we just live our passions. (And if climbing the corporate ladder is your true passion, then go for it! But if you want to be a photographer or a baker or a pizza delivery guy instead, then go for THAT.)

I love this quote by Joseph Campbell who said, “Follow your bliss. Find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it.” He also said, “Live from your own center.” I love it. These quotes and Kyle’s photography inspire me to dig down and find out what my own center is and what my passions are in life so I can try to live true to them. I know one of them is motherhood and one of them is writing. Hence the blog. 🙂 But I’m sure there are others hiding in there somewhere.

So what are your passions? Where is your center? And are you living true to them?

— The Conscious Mom

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1 Response to Journey of The Pizza Delivery Guy

  1. kathleenmurf says:

    This is a great topic for your blog about conscious motherhood. Having been both a stay at home mom and a business person, it’s been my experience that while business people try to balance work/life as much as possible, stay at home moms tend to think that if they take a moment to themselves they are somehow “not a good mother.” Follow your passion. If that requires that you hire a babysitter for a few hours a week, get hubby/SO to watch the kids, or form a babysitting co-op with your BFFs, do it! You will be happier, a better mom and leaving your unique stamp on the world.

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