Just Decide and Stop It!

Easier said than done, of course, but this was pretty funny! And actually quite helpful.

I know it’s oversimplifying it, but isn’t this really all we need to do when we have a problem? Once we decide to stop doing (fill in the blank here), then we really can in many many cases just stop. It might be hard. It might even be arduous. It might be painful and uncomfortable and exhausting.

But it’s only when we really decide to “stop it” that we can create real, lasting change in our lives.

Did you know that the word decide comes from the Latin word decidere, literally, to cut off, (from de + caedere to cut)? When we truly decide to do something (not just irresolutely make a choice of the day), it cuts us off from one path and puts us on another.

Anyway, just thinking about that, especially with regard to my recent (well, it’s been almost 6 months) decision to eat clean. I’ll go into more on the reasons why I decided to do this in another post, but I can see now that it was a real decision — one that cut me off of one path and has kept me on this other one.

So what is it that you want to stop doing in your life? Not really expecting an answer, but hoping that all of us will take a moment to decide.

— The Conscious Mom

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3 Responses to Just Decide and Stop It!

  1. Melanie says:

    this is too funny. i remember showing it to mom last year when she was staying with me after jj was born. i can’t remember what we were referring to (in her life) but it was so hilarious.

    • I know, right? After years of digging and digging and digging, finding more and more and more things that you have issues with, it just gets to a point where you just need to be done with it and move on. And it’s best when we can move on and laugh at ourselves in the process. 🙂

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