Clean Eating = Clean Sink

For reasons I’ll go into at another time, I’ve been eating super DUPER healthy lately, and I was just noticing tonight as I finished the dishes (yes, ALL of the dishes) how much it was not annoying me to do them.

I usually am SO incredibly tired by the end of the day that I drag through at least putting the food away and on a good day maybe starting the dishwasher, but I almost always leave whatever else is in the sink sitting there dirty until at least the next day. I’m just usually so, so tired. But tonight, even though I am tired (in a more normal way) and would surely go to sleep fairly quickly if I climbed into bed right now, I don’t feel that same super dragging feeling that I normally do.

Time will tell, I guess, but for now, I’m going to say that this …

This is not my sink, but it looks very similar.

This is not my sink, but it looks very similar.

… is a direct result of clean eating. And also the housekeepers who scoured the stains out of my sink yesterday before the open house. 🙂

— The Conscious Mom

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2 Responses to Clean Eating = Clean Sink

  1. Melanie says:

    tragically, today, my sink’s cleanliness may or may not be owed to a Sonic cup full of a dirty Diet Coke. BUT (everyone I know has a big but…) I too have noticed my energy levels up significantly – even on a non-Sonic day! 🙂 the food is TRUE.

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