Be Excellent To Each Other

I’ve come to the conclusion that many of our problems as a society might stem from the dehumanization of our fellow human beings.

The TSA officers and everyone else at the LAX airport yesterday are human beings. Those runners and spectators at the Boston Marathon last spring were human. The people at that movie theater in Colorado and the kids at the school in Newtown last year were human. The gay teenager who committed suicide after being bullied was human.

And guess what? That bully? He is human, too. And so is the LAX shooter. And so was Adolf Hitler… probably.

Being human is messy. It’s confusing and painful and … wonderful and beautiful. Can we please remember that everyone on this planet is human?

When we stop thinking of each other in kind, loving ways — when we stop seeing people as fellow brothers and sisters in this human experience — it becomes much easier to treat them badly.  It’s easier to gossip about our neighbor, to yell at our kids, and I guess eventually to blow up whole crowds of people when we don’t see them as fellow human beings in whom we can see something good.

So can we just try to remember that everyone is an actual person? A person with feelings? A person whose journey might look very different from yours and who you might not understand hardly at all?

Can we please try to teach our children to be tolerant and understanding of those who are different than they are? Can we teach them to be a friend and to be kind and to stand up for themselves and for others? Can we teach them to stand up for what they believe in without arguing with or belittling the other person who may not believe the same way?

Can we try to be that way ourselves?

Can we just be excellent to each other?


Let me say it again: Everyone on this planet is human. Our brothers and sisters. We just may not know them yet. Let’s make a commitment to ourselves, to our families, to our neighbors and to our fellow human beings to be conscious of anything that is dehumanizing and then be excellent to each other.

— The Conscious Mom

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