Wise Words From My Mom & Jillian Michaels

I am reprinting this with permission of the author, my mom, who sent it to me in an e-mail today. She is a wise woman and had some inspiring thoughts on enduring trials and on the difficulties of aging. I thought I’d share.

Who would think I could get some spiritual guidance from watching my Jillian Michael’s workout DVD?

jillian michaels

I had a particularly hard day yesterday so maybe that is why her comments hit me this way today.  Sometimes I have wondered why we get more than one or two or three trials at a time.

Jillian answered that for me. “We want to work as many muscle groups as possible to get the maximum results.”  Also I have wondered why hard things keep coming one right after another with no break in between.  Again, Jillian had the answer.  “If you want to work out for 20 minutes and see a difference you are really going to need to push. The reason we don’t allow rest is we want your body (spirit) to change as quickly as possible.  In order to do that we’ve got to put stress on it.  That’s how things change.  Put some stress on your body (spirit), you are going to adapt.”

She also taught me about resisting opposition. “So often people think they aren’t strong enough.  That is a false message (from you know who) that is not doing you any favors.  You are capable of working hard, and your body (spirit) is going to adapt and you are going to see the results that you want and you deserve.”

Her wisdom about pushing through hard times just kept coming. “When it starts to get uncomfortable, those are the ones that count the most.  That is when I want you to push through.”

Then the question I have had about growing older.  I guess I have bought into what the media has promoted about how things should be when we get old.   I have thought that as I got older I would be able to do things better and it would be easier.  I thought retirement would come and I would be able to take it easy and have fun.  I have heard my father say, “Getting old is not for sissies!”

Why is it so hard for older people? Everything gets harder to do.  You lose abilities.  What is the purpose of it all?  Why does it have to be so hard, harder than it ever was during your earlier life?

Again Jillian came up with the answer.  At the very end of the workout I could hardly keep up using one pound weights.  She said, “I know you are tired.  You just want to stop right now…..Don’t even think about it!  Keep pushing.  We don’t quit at the end! (I liked the WE — it sounds like I have a partner helping me.)  This is when we finish strong……That is when we give it even more than we started with.”

Well, I am going to look at my life workouts a little differently from now on.  It never was the plan to get easier as we go along.  We just need to push through it and know that instead of asking for the struggle to go away, we just need to ask for a spotter.

— The Conscious Mom’s Mom 🙂

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1 Response to Wise Words From My Mom & Jillian Michaels

  1. Jenny Layton says:

    Love this! Thank you, Jillian!

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