Employed At Last!

We found out yesterday that after a year of unemployment and several years of struggling to make ends meet, my husband got a job! A good job. We could not be happier about it. We were at the library as a family, turning in the kids’ summer reading program stuff so they could get their free book. My husband was off in a different part of the library than I was when he got the call, so he found me and the kids over in the Young Adult Fiction section.  He held up his cell phone and said, “I just got a call …”

I couldn’t figure out what the look on his face meant.  He was kind of smirking. It was certainly a smile of sorts, but it wasn’t the big smile I would have thought he would have if he had gotten the job. I found out later that he was trying to play a trick on me and pretend that he didn’t get it, so he was apparently trying not to smile. But he obviously couldn’t keep the smile from his face, so I said, hopefully, “Did you get it?”

Now he was smiling. “Yes!” he whispered, since, remember, we are in the library.

“Yay!” I whispered.


My six- and three-year-old were standing nearby and they both were wide-eyed and beaming.  The kids and I started jumping up and down in that YA Fiction section in the corner of the library.

Quietly jumping.

It was the strangest celebration of something so exciting and life-changing that I think I’ve ever had.

We decided to go to the park so we could celebrate a little more exuberantly, so we checked everything out and headed outside.

It’s funny, I thought I would react differently to the news, whenever it finally came that he had gotten a job. Of course, we had no idea when or where it would be in the beginning, but since it has been such a long haul, I always pictured me breaking down in tears and feeling like Will Smith at the end of “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

But I didn’t cry at all.  I just couldn’t stop smiling.  I wonder if the difference is because I have felt that sincere peace that everything will work out, especially this last week.

Or maybe I’m just in shock. 🙂  Who knows.

What does bring me to tears is when I think of all of the people who have been our friends and helpers along the way – those who have helped us get through this long, long time of trying to get a leg up.   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

And God bless us, every one. 🙂

— The Conscious Mom

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6 Responses to Employed At Last!

  1. kathleenmurf says:


    Kathleen Murphy

    Murphy Communications

    731 East Majestic Pine Drive

    Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

    (801) 243-2016

  2. Tresta says:

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful blessing – I couldn’t be happier for you. You didn’t have to cry – I did for you.
    Where will he be working?

  3. Awesome news!! I’m really happy for you and your family! You guys deserve it!

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