Try Again Tomorrow

I had big plans today.

My day was actually pretty unproductive until about 3:00 when I decided to try a new recipe for tortilla wraps for our after-school snack.

It wouldn’t be that hard to do. It’s just a cream cheese spread with a bunch of veggies thrown in a tortilla. Easy peasy, right? So I got out the chopping knife and started on my fancy snack. My husband was going to be so impressed with my skills when he came home to this waiting for him on the table.

Then, as usual whenever I try a new recipe, it took way longer than I expected to chop everything up, plus I didn’t read through the recipe well enough to realize that you need to chill the wraps for an hour before serving.

So I went to Plan B.

I’ll just make everyone a piece of whole grain toast (that ought to hold them for a little while, right?) and while the tortilla wraps are chilling in the fridge, I’ll make a pasta salad side dish to go with them and we’ll just have them for dinner.

Brilliant. See how I am, rolling with the punches, going with the flow and being all zen about things. It’s all good…

So my family is getting hungrier by the minute, but I send them downstairs to watch TV while I make the pasta salad. If they’re out of my hair, I’ll be able to get much more accomplished. On I go to making a delicious and semi-healthy pasta salad to go with my delicious and semi-healthy turkey tortilla wraps. It’s going to be a great dinner, I can feel it!

Two hours after we should have been eating the awesome after-school snack (replaced by toast), I’m finally almost finished with the pasta salad (also a new recipe). I’m just about ready to ask my daughter to help set the table when I read the final instruction for the pasta salad: refrigerate overnight.

I roll my eyes.  I grunt and sigh. I ask my husband how he feels about Plan C.

Plan C is pizza. Husband is not happy about spending money on pizza when we just spend the last of the food budget money at the grocery store yesterday. Plan C now also involves scrounging up money from my piggy bank (where I put all the stray coins I find around the house as I’m cleaning or doing laundry) to go get a $5 Little Caeser’s pizza.

I bring the pizza home to very happy and excited children. “Yay! Pizza! My favorite!” they scream. We sit down. We thank God for the piggy bank and the pizza. My 3-year-old picks up his pizza and immediately drops the whole slice, face down, on the floor.

My husband and I look at each other incredulously. We both grunt and sigh. “Pick it up. He’s eating it,” I say, justifying this decision by reminding everyone that this boy sucks his thumb constantly, so he might as well be eating pizza that’s been dropped on the floor. I’m sure he’s eaten worse things off that wrinkled thumb of his.

The baby starts to cry. I pick him up, but he continues to whine. The 3-year-old starts to whine too, saying that the baby is too loud and is yelling right in his ear.

My husband and I look at each other incredulously again. We roll our eyes. We sigh.

I look around the table at my 3 beautiful kids and my supportive husband and decide that I am very blessed. “I’ll try again tomorrow,” I say, smiling.  “What?” my husband asks in a mild shout to be heard over the whining kids. “Let’s try again tomorrow!” I say loudly. “Sounds good,” he says as I hand him the baby and get up from the table to tackle the dishes…

Wish me luck. 🙂

The Conscious Mom

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6 Responses to Try Again Tomorrow

  1. Jessica Payne says:

    Okay, I can’t tell you how many times this scene has occurred at our house. I mean, not exactly, but pretty close. Isn’t it amazing how much energy it takes just to make a meal! Well, I’m very glad that you can take the proverbial pizza off the floor and just keep going. Good inspiration for me :-). Thanks for the post Holly!

  2. You are very blessed! You have an amazing family! And you have dinner for the next day, so it’s great too, right? 🙂

  3. Made me laugh. Think you’ve been peaking in our windows during dinnertime.

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