A Shout-out to Mother Eve

Since I had the Mother’s Day gift of some free time this morning, I thought it would be fun to try another Newspaper Blackout Poem. It was totally an accident that today’s poem turned out to be a poem about motherhood and how we can (and we must) be the ones who make the conscious choice to be deliberate mothers at the center and heart of our homes. I have this image in my head of our first mother, Eve, rising up from the ground stronger and stronger every time a mother takes a stand and decides to try with all her soul to be the best mom she knows how to be.

I just started playing around with this article about thieves in Egypt, and this is what I came up with.These poems are so fun to do!

Be a conscious mom! 🙂  Happy Mother’s Day!


The Conscious Mom

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1 Response to A Shout-out to Mother Eve

  1. melaniebohn says:

    very cool! i love it! those poems are so cool because they solidly display how just a little inspirations (words in front of you to choose from) is all it takes to create something amazing.

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