What Do Men REALLY Want?

I think there’s much more to the way our bodies look than meets the eye.  One time a few years ago, I woke up with the nastiest Pink Eye there ever was. I shuffled down the hallway into the kitchen, and my husband took one look at me, and endearingly said, “Wow… You’re cute in the soul today!”  We both laughed, and I think it’s because I know that while he does care on some level about what I look like on the outside, I know that he cares more about what I look like on the inside.


Our eyes are the window to our souls, even if they’re all goopy and infected.  Here’s a picture of my eye on a really fancy make-up day:

I’ll spare you the picture of the disgusting Pink Eye day.

Life coach Heather Madder posted this on her Facebook page, and I thought it was really interesting:
“A lot of women think men want them to have perfect bodies. I don’t think men want women who have perfect bodies as much as they want women who KNOW WHO THEY ARE. If you KNOW & LOVE yourself, you create the best version of YOU … and the whole package makes a woman deeply attractive at all levels…but ‘perfect body pursuit’ is a prison for both men and women.”


Like I said, I’m pretty sure (I think) that my husband thinks this is true. And I’d like to think this is true for the majority of guys.  My gut feeling is that it should be.  But I’m just wondering — what do you guys think?  You ladies and also you Guys. I’d love to know what the guys really think… if there are any guys reading this blog.  And if they dare to post here. 😉

Let’s start a conversation.

The Conscious Mom

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