You Say You Want A Revolution Motherhood?

Hey Moms. If you are ready to really dig deep into the scary, awesome, devil-goddess inside you to find out who you truly are and how you can tap into your amazing sacred self to help get you started on your true path — YOUR soul purpose — then check out the gals at Revolution Motherhood.

I just have to give a shout-out to all of my RevMom peeps — Quinn, Marie, Danielle, Alise, and all the rest of the ladies.  I was part of the first group of women to complete the RevMom Academy, an eight-week transformational coaching course, and it was seriously life-changing.  But be warned. You have to do your homework, and it sometimes isn’t pretty what you find.  But then it ends up being exactly what you needed. It doesn’t take a ton of time (because let’s be realistic; we’re moms), but it’s totally worth everything that you do have to put into it. Worth every second and worth every penny.

One of my favorite quotes from co-founder Marie Holleman is, “Unconsciously, the shadow will destroy; consciously, the shadow will teach and build and guide.” If you choose to participate in RevMom Academy, you’ll find out more about what that means and how it can change your life.

There is another RevMom Academy course beginning this week (7.13.11), so check it out … if you dare!! Mwuahahahahaha! 🙂  Just kidding.  Love and light, ladies.

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