Following Your OWN Path

Caution! Do not try this at home. Seriously.

Okay, you probably should try it, because it’s a very worthy endeavor. But be warned — stepping into consciousness and embarking on your OWN path is a perilous journey.

It is fraught with danger, good vs. evil, difficult decisions, and times when you think there’s no way you’re going to get out of this mess (how are Luke Skywalker and Princess Lea EVER going to get out of that giant trash compacter!).

Of course, your journey can also include true love (for your kids, if not also for your spouse as well as yourself – I hope it’s for both), excitement, triumphs and small victories along the way, and hopefully a happily ever after in there somewhere.

But the most difficult part about embarking on your own hero’s journey is that you have to make sure it is YOUR journey. The path that God (or the Universe) has laid out for you. Not for anyone else.

“You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path. You are not on your own path. If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.”  — Joseph Campbell

Oh, Mr. Campbell. Your wisdom rings frighteningly true.

This last week has been a roller coaster of emotion as I’m honing in on my own path, figuring out what direction it is heading, and finding the courage to just muscle through it, no matter what obstacles are (or seem to be) in my way.

I’m excited to see where this blog ends up. I’m not really sure where this path is going to take me. But I know that I have to keep doing it. And sometimes that’s all we know, isn’t it? That we just have to keep going. Every day is a new opportunity to try again.

So, here’s to another day. Are you ready to step onto YOUR path?

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4 Responses to Following Your OWN Path

  1. lauren says:

    I think what I’m just starting to figure out is that I get stuck looking for and contemplating my path when I really just need to start walking. Sometimes it’s hard to take that first step but every time I have done this in the past, I never regret it. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Maybe Luke & Leah just needed a tribe to believe in them 🙂

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