Wear the Eye Patch!

I think I’ve become a “regular person” — you know, just a typical suburban mom whose personality doesn’t really stand out to most people?

No offense to typical suburban moms everywhere (including myself) — in fact, this note is for you. All of you. All of us. I think everyone has a fun, silly, fabulous personality within them somewhere that real life just sucks right out of you sometimes. I swear, I do have a really fun, adventurous, wacky person somewhere inside me who laughs a lot and doesn’t care what other people think. But ever since college graduation (way too many moons ago), I’ve been on a slow path toward complete boringness.  (I’m going to just go ahead with that word even though “spell check” says it doesn’t exist.)

Well, no more!

Okay, that probably isn’t realistic. I’m sure I will still be boring tomorrow, but at least I’m aware of my problem, right? As my old roommate Trish used to say, “Now ya know. And knowing is half the battle.”

So with that, I dedicate this “Flight of the Conchords” clip to all of you out there who have that crazy sweater in your closet that you love but never have the guts to wear. To all of you who have always thought you should do something different with your hair, or whatever it is that you want to do or be but you’re too afraid of what the “regular” neighbors might think.

“Wear the eye patch!”


So tell me, ladies. What part of you are you hiding? Who or what are you hiding behind?  Comment as “anonymous” if you have to, but I really want to know. Dig deep and find something about yourself that you used to love to do/wear/say/be/whatever, and share with us what that is.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

The Conscious Mom

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5 Responses to Wear the Eye Patch!

  1. Jessica Payne says:

    So, I don’t think you could have hit a nail more directly on the head. I think we all get obsessed with being a good parent/spouse/friend – and that mental image we all carry around with us of what that looks like. Mine looks something like the smiling person who sits with legs crossed, napkin on the lap and engaging in benign appropriate conversation with the person next to me at my husband’s work parties. Or the girl in my jeans, t-shirt and ponytail that is my uniform for motherhood and all encompassing activities. But deep down, I want to karaoke. I want to sing at the top of my lungs at some stupid dive bar where no one knows my name and belt out my favorite songs – on or off key. I want to sit with girlfriends and laugh so hard I drool and snort. I want to be a “whoo girl” (if you’ve ever watched “How I Met Your Mother, you’ll know what this is), I want to run and jump on my sailing cart through the aisles of the grocery store. I want to toilet paper someone’s house and stay up way past my bedtime. But all that said and done, I think I’d settle for singing to the radio in my car way past my bedtime :-). And maybe that’s what a midlife crisis is all about. Maybe that’s when we finally decide that maturity is lame, life is short, and we buy the flashy red convertible and let what’s left of our hair blow in the wind and don’t bother to cover our crows feet with sunglasses. Maybe a midlife crisis is a good thing and we should all start now :-).

    • Wow! Love it Jessica. Thanks for sharing that. I’d love to delve deeper into whether we should dive into a midlife crisis or not… very interesting. And do you think it has to be a “crisis,” or could it just be a midlife awakening? I wonder if the crisis part comes when you become so stuck (in your 30s or 40s?) that when you finally say (in your 40s or 50s?), “I’ve had it!” the proverbial pendulum swings so far to the other side that it does become a crisis. I don’t know. I’ve never had a midlife crisis. Or maybe I’m having one right now. Who knows? What does everyone else think? (Not necessarily about whether or not I’m having one. I don’t think I’m ready for the judgements.) 🙂 But I love this conversation!

  2. melanie says:

    I’ve been trying to think of what it is that I am no more and I can’t think of anything. So either I’m incredibly enlightened or (more likely) I’m so far gone that I can’t even remember! Oy! So loving your bloggy self. Love you.

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